What does the word travara mean?

We made it up. It is a blend of the words ‘travel’ + ‘vara.’ Vara is the Sanskrit word that means good, well or the best of something, which is exactly what we we were going for: the best of all things related to travel. And we thought the two words sounded good together.

What do you mean by Purpose-driven media platform?

We know…it’s a mouthful and not everyone gets it at first. Number one, the reason we created Travara is because we want to leave the world a better place than we found it. Call it cliché if you will, but we really mean it. We wanted to create a brand that meant something-to inform, inspire and empower you to make socially conscious choices when you travel and purchase goods. This media platform is just the beginning though…we’ve got big plans, so stay tuned.

what is a ‘modern global citizen’?

In our humble opinion, we think a modern global citizen is someone who loves to travel and experience different cultures; someone who thinks it’s important to give back (but might not know how) and someone who appreciates good style (obviously). Sound like you? Welcome home.

what are the sustainable development goals and what do they have to do with travara?

Ahh…this is where the serious stuff comes in. The United Nations member states came together in 2015 to create an agenda for sustainable development. There are 17 goals (SDGs) and if we achieve them all by 2030, the world will be a pretty phenomenal place. Goals like ending poverty are overwhelming though, and oftentimes people don’t know how to actually make a difference.


That’s where we come in. We don’t expect you to single-handedly end world hunger, but if you stay at the right hotel or buy the right bag from a company who is working towards the goals, then you’re having an impact. All of your choices and purchases add up, we’re just making it easy for you to find the right brands to support. All of our content aligns with the SDGs and if you’d like to learn more, you’ll find a link in every article to help you understand how that company is working toward the goals.

how does Travara have a positive impact on the world?

It’s pretty simple really. We teach you how to be even better travelers than you already are, you make socially conscious purchases and get inspired to travel the world.

We do our homework, find the right partners and tell you all about the good things they are doing in the world and then part of our revenue is dedicated to transforming even more people’s lives. We’ll be sending young adults abroad for the first time and helping women create sustainable tourism businesses in emerging regions.

Why travara, why now?

We’ve worked in the private sector and in the nonprofit world and we always felt that something was missing from both. Travara is a for profit, benefit corporation (translation: sustainable revenue + positive contribution to the world), because we believe business can, and should, be a force for good. What’s the point if you aren’t moving the needle in the right direction?

And it combines the things we love: travel, social impact and entrepreneurship. We couldn’t find a media platform out there for us, so we decided to create one. We know there are more of you out there, so why not now? The countdown is on to 2030, so here’s our way to do our part — and make it easy for you to do yours (while having some fun along the way).