This Jewelry Saves Girls...Here's How



After traveling to exotic global destinations such as Turkey, Peru, Nepal, Japan, Australia and India as a jewelry buyer, Lauren Krasowski took a leap of faith and launched her own jewelry line, Dylan Rose. It was the beguiling city of Jaipur, India that captured her heart and inspired her to launch a collection that would showcase the work of talented artisans, while also giving back to girls in the community.

A Southern California native, Krasowksi, spent over ten years learning all aspects of the jewelry business, from working as a buyer for various retailers, to managing product development, sourcing and production. As an international buyer for World Market, she fell in love with discovering new global artisans who had creative design skills

India was the country where she traveled most, and she quickly fell in love with Jaipur, where she found a more unique design aesthetic compared to the rest of India. She valued the quality of their semi-precious stones and the way the artisans plated their jewelry in a bright gold, using a lot of brass to give pieces a delicate feel.

When Krasowski decided to launch her own company, she began employing women in Jaipur and promised to dedicate a portion of sales to gender equality by teaming up with the Invisible Girl Project, a nonprofit working to rescue girls, pursue justice and end Gendercide in India. A shocking amount (50 million) of girls and women are missing and while it may seem like an insurmountable issue, know that any item you purchase from Dylan Rose is working to save those females.

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